Inconveniences of treating chronic constipation with laxatives

Chronic constipation affects the quality of life of more than 150 million people in Europe and the United States. Although laxatives may appear to be a good solution for occasional constipation, their use in treating chronic constipation is not indicated. Laxatives not only lose their effect over time, they also have adverse effects and are … Continued

How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of Joana

Joana Ruiz has suffered chronic constipation all her life and has had to face the complications that this entails. Ever since she tried MOWOOT, her life has improved. After buying it, she decided to tell us, on her own initiative, her emotional story and her experience with MOWOOT. Good Morning, I would like to explain … Continued

How MOWOOT improved Pilar’s quality of life

Pilar Ramón is 72 years old. She suffered from chronic constipation, is lactose intolerant and celiac. Although now retired, she has devoted herself to teaching throughout her life. For years, she repressed the desire to go to the bathroom every day to not interrupt her workday. After testing MOWOOT, he told us about her experience: … Continued

The development of MOWOOT

The health program Verd Primera on the Barcelona TV Beteve, reports on the development of MOWOOT with the Institut Guttmann, including the statements of a patient with chronic constipation. SHOW MORE

An episode about constipation

The science program Què Qui Com of Canal 33 emits an episode about constipation and good depositional habits in which Inmaculada Herrero, CSO of usMIMA, participates to introduce MOWOOT. SHOW MORE

A belt against chronic constipation

Punt Avui publishes an interview with Markus Wilhelms, microbiology doctor and CEO of usMIMA, a company that has devised and commercialized the first device to combat chronic constipation, a problem that makes life difficult for patients with stroke or spinal cord injury (in Catalan). SHOW MORE