Inconveniences of treating chronic constipation with laxatives

Chronic constipation affects the quality of life of more than 150 million people in Europe and the United States. Although laxatives may appear to be a good solution for occasional constipation, their use in treating chronic constipation is not indicated. Laxatives not only lose their effect over time, they also have adverse effects and are … Continued

How was MOWOOT, the non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive and side effect free solution for chronic constipation developed?

The MOWOOT medical device – a non drug, non invasive solution for chronic constipation – was created by the usMIMA startup which was originated in the Moebio’s dHEALTH BCN program, a disruptive initiative for talent development driven by Biocat and inspired by Stanford Biodesign. The usMIMA project MOWOOT, winner of the Bio-Entrepreneur XXI 2014 Award, … Continued